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Pre-eclampsia/Diuretics Precedent-Setting Lawsuit 1985

The following is reprinted from NAG Reports, Spring 1985, 2023 Oak, San Francisco, CA, USA 94117

"How Much is the Life of a Young Woman Worth?"

March 27, 1985. White Plains, New York. (N.Y. State Supreme Court)

Janine Ricozzi's medical malpractice lawsuit for "wrongful death" was settled out of court today for only $335,000. Involved in paying this settlement are her two OB/GYN doctors, products of Harvard and Cornell medical schools, in private practice in Rye, New York; the United Hospital, Port Chester, New York, Westchester County, where Janine died on March 10, 1977, 8 years ago [as of 1985]; and Abbott Labs, Chicago, for the misuse of their thiazide, Enduron, in Janine's prenatal care. Her two-pound baby boy survives with a stepmother and a congenital malformation. The clinical details of this tragic case are reported in my book, Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy: A Disease of Malnutrition, New Canaan, CT, Keats Publ., Inc., 1982, pp. 140-142.

For a full decade, 1972-1982, the Society for the Protection of the Unborn through Nutrition (SPUN), based in Chicago, tried to tell the U.S. American people that pregnant women no longer need to develop nor to die from metabolic toxemia of late pregnancy (MTLP) when they are able to receive scientific prenatal care. Very few people believed us. During these years we received sporatic but continuous reports of women and babies dying of MTLP under routine, non-nutritional, private, AMA-ACOG style prenatal care. These reports we received were different from the Establishment's OB/GYN journal reports and public health statistics about such maternal deaths; because our informants, usually family members, were able to provide us with specific details of the individual victim's history which in every case documented her malnutrition and legal drug abuse.

Janine Ricozzi was no exception. She died at age 28 in pregnancy as a direct result of the terrible "prenatal neglect" she received from her two OB/GYN MDs, and other MDs associated with the United Hospital, and as a result of the irresponsible, phony promotions of Abbot Labs since the 1950's for the use of their thiazide diuretic, Enduron, in human pregnancy. (See Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol. 127:448, 1977; British Med. J. 290:17, 1985, Jan. 5) This is the first time a drug firm has been challenged in court for their role in the diuretic disaster in USA obstetrical care. It won't be the last.

Early in this pregnancy Janine was placed on a rigid weight limitation regimen of only two pounds per month; later salt restriction and Enduron (Abbott) were added. She had eclamptic convulsions at 28 weeks gestation and more harmful drugs and a C-section in the hospital where the coup-de-grace was administered by her ignorant doctors. AMA/ACOG MDs remain ignorant in this field today; they try to cover up such tragic cases and never learn anything from their own gross, now obvious nutritional neglect and legal drug errors.

During the last decade we have been unable to convince the AMA and ACOG that MTLP ("eclampsia" of the ancient Greeks) is in fact a metabolic disease caused by maternal malnutrition and hence totally preventable now. These facts have been recognized by workers in this field worldwide for the last century, yet officially in 1985 "nothing is known". NAG [Nutrition Action Group] intends to expose and stop these needless, preventable maternal deaths. It may require several hundred more such "settlements" across the USA to do it. Officially, AMA/ACOG must set up scientific standards for nutritional-medical-drug clinical practices to protect pregnant women and their helpless unborn.

A milk cow sold in New Jersey, USA, March, 1985, for $650,000. Who would dare put such an animal on a low salt, low calorie diet and Enduron (Abbott)? We're still in the dark ages in this field in 1985!

Contact NAG for more information (800-423-2397: AAHCC). Spread the message that such cases can be won in the USA now, that MTLP is preventable now, and that blue ribbon babies are possible now for most women in the USA.

--T. Brewer, M.D.

(Edited by Joy Jones, RN)

Note from Joy: Unfortunately, the Nutrition Action Group no longer exists, so the above contact information is no longer valid.

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