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"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong."
~Laura Stavoe Harm~

On this page, you will find stories from my files, sent by people who've been helped by the Brewer Diet over the years. If you email in your stories of how the diet has helped you, I will post them here also.

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The Twins

This story was in a letter sent to Elizabeth Noble, in 1984. Elizabeth Noble sent a copy of the letter to Tom Brewer, who sent a copy to me, along with his comments.

I have left out the author's name and address, to protect her privacy. I tried to reach her, but was unable to find her at her old address. So if you see this and recognize the story as yours, please contact me.

March 27, 1984

Dear Mrs. Noble,

I have resolved almost daily for 9 months now to write to you and tell you how much I have used and treasured your wonderful book, Having Twins. I truly feel that your book is almost wholly responsible for the fact that I had a safe, healthful, and satisfying twin pregnancy, and that my sons came into the world weighing an astounding 8 1/2 lbs each last June 6.

My husband and I happened upon your book in a public library after an early-pregnancy ultrasound showed that I was carrying not one, but two babies. We subsequently bought our own (now very lop-eared) copy, which was read and re-read whenever we felt we needed support and encouragement throughout the pregnancy.

I can hardly imagine what the outcome of this pregnancy might have been if we had not discovered Having Twins: we had been long-time patients at Brigham and Women's infertility clinic; at 34 I was definitely an "elderly" primip; the diagnosis of twins now clinched it that the medical establishment would view this as a high risk pregnancy. The first obstetrician I interviewed, in fact, assured me that a cervical cerclage and 10 weeks of bed rest would be quite necessary, and that "surgical assistance" would almost certainly be needed for delivery. We were so fearful of losing the pregnancy that I am sure I would have accepted his gloomy pronouncements, were it not for the encouraging words in your book. My husband and I did manage to find a supportive, optimistic, and non-interventionist obstetrician (Dr. Kenneth Blotner), and we made the best of Brigham and Women's requirements that a surgical delivery room be used in place of a birthing room for twins.

I followed Tom Brewer's diet as closely as I could (by golly, that is a LOT of food to eat!) and got used to stares of amazement on the streets as my weight gain approached 70 pounds at the end of the 9 months. (I outgrew two sets of maternity clothes before my 7th month, and eventually found that there were no commercially made maternity clothes that would stretch around a 53 inch belly--thank heavens I knew how to sew!) I swam regularly at the local "Y", however, and felt fit and comfortable to the end. It was a bit like being a ship in magnificent full sail, if that captures it.

Family and friends thought we were quite mad, no doubt, but I carried the little rascals to full term, delivered them vaginally 3 days after their due date, and then crowed with delight to have such fine and healthy sons! I think Dr. Blotner and the Brigham and Women's maternity staff were all a bit stunned at the size of the boys, and to this day I think we owe it all to the "crazy diet" and the good guidance in your book.

At any rate, here are heartfelt thanks, and two jolly photos just to show you the proof of the pudding: W_____ and J___ S_______ at 8 weeks, and 8 months of age. The boy-o's are the picture of health still, and their parents couldn't be more delighted.

Thank you so much!

S______ S_______

Tom's comments in the margins:

This is a HEALTH CLASSIC! It shows what's possible now--for the large majority of pregnant women in the USA and in the world. This articulate, compelling, literary testimonial is from "Harvard Country."

If S______ S_______ can produce two (2) 8 1/2 lb full-term Blue Ribbon Babies with scientific antenatal care, then most every woman should be able to produce one (1) 8 1/2 lb [plus or minus] Blue Ribbon Baby--but she has to KNOW HOW!

How many U.S. American women today even know what a BLUE RIBBON BABY is? How many MDs, RNs, RDs, CNMs, public health nutritionists? The Establishment refuses to let the American people know the scientific facts so that primary prevention can close down most of the neonatal ICUs! What else can we do?!

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