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"Only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence....This is partly because only 1% of the studies in medical journals are scientifically sound and partly because many treatments have not been assessed at all."

~ Richard Smith, editor of the British Medical Journal

Quoted from YouTube video on the Trust Birth Conference website

Movies, Video Clips, and Slides

Woman Sings the 23rd Psalm While in Labor

A hospital water birth in Belgium

A hospital breech water birth in Belgium

A hospital twin water birth in Belgium

Another twin water birth in hospital

A lot more water births

Orgasmic Birth

Bellydance for birth

Homebirth, waterbirth, VBAC, & natural birth of multiples

VBAmultipleC (scroll down)

Question CPD

Birth As We Know It

The Business of Being Born

Interview with Ricki Lake ("Business of Being Born")

Interview with Ricki Lake II

The Right to Breastfeed (look in archives)

A Birth Video Collection

Interview with Jennifer Block


The Baby Book

Birth Reborn

Birth Without Violence

Birthing Normally

Childbirth at Home

Childbirth with Insight

The Continuum Concept

Creating Your Birth Plan

Crying Baby Sleepless Nights

Diaper Free!

Encyclopedia of Childbearing: Critical Perspectives

Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year

The Family Bed

Feed Your Kids Right

Heart and Hands: A Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

The Home Birth Book

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk

Let's Have Healthy Children

Making Love During Pregnancy

Mothering the Mother

The Nurturing Touch at Birth: A Labor Support Handbook

The Pregnant Woman's Comfort Guide

Pregnant Feelings

Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care

Article about Pushed

Book Review of Pushed

Sharing Birth

Silent Knife

Spiritual Midwifery

Take Charge of Your Child's Health

Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year

--Diabetes tests, ultrasound, amniocentesis, non-stress test, fetal scalp sampling, newborn jaundice, and much more.

When Men are Pregnant

When Survivors Give Birth

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year

Womanly Art of Breastfeeding


Report from Mothering: Circumcision and AIDS?

Articles on

Resources on Natural

"The Active Management of Labour"

"A Doula Makes the Difference"

"The All-Fours Maneuver for Reducing Shoulder Dystocia During Labor"

"An Update on Breastfeeding"

"Anthropological Perspectives on Global Issues in Midwifery"

"Babywise advice linked to dehydration, failure to thrive"

"The Bristol Third-Stage Trial"

"Bottle Feeding or Breastfeeding?"

"Cesarean Birth in a Culture of Fear"

"Cheyenne's Amazing Labor"

"Choosing Caesarean Section"

"Circumcision--An Impact on Your Son's Life"

"The Clock, the Bed, the Chair"

Cord Clamping,& the importance of delaying it

"Crying for Comfort:Distressed Babies Need to Be Held"

"C-Sections, Breastfeeding and Bugs For Your Baby--What the doctor probably won't tell you" (click on "Pregnancy and Birth")

"Cue Feeding: Wisdom and Science"

"Cytotec Induction and Off-Label Use"

"Ecstatic Birth: Nature's Hormonal Blueprint for Labor"

"The Emotional Scars of Cesarean Birth"

"8 Infant Sleep Facts Every Parent Should Know"

"Foetal Heart in Second Stage"

"Fish Can't See Water: The Need to Humanize Birth"

"Gestational Diabetes: A Diagnosis Still Looking for a Disease?"

"Gestational Diabetes: The Emperor Has No Clothes"

"Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Another Perspective"

"Getting What You Want for Your Birth Experience"

"Greed vs Health: Which Will Win?"

"Having a Baby? Ten Questions to Ask"

"Healing the Trauma: Entering Motherhood with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)"

"The Hidden Risks of Epidurals"

"Homebirth after Cesarean: The Myth and the Reality"

"Homebirth Safety/Advocacy"

"Homebirth: What are the Issues?"

"Home Birth--Why It's Necessary"

"Hospital Births and Academic Performance: Is There a Connection?"

"How to do a Diaphragmatic Release"

"If your baby is breech"

Is Homebirth Safe? Is Hospital Birth Safe?

"Kangaroo Care: Why Does It Work?"

"Lactation After Loss"

"Leaving Well Alone: A Natural Approach to the Third Stage of Labour"

"Lessons from a Homebirth Practice"

Letter from OB/GYN to ACOG

"Let the Baby Decide: The Case Against Inducing Labor"

"The Maximin Strategy in Modern Obstetrics"

See full article here.

"Media Release: LLLI Responds to AAP Policy Statement on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome"

"Medically Unnecessary Cesarean Section Births"

"Medications Used in Labor: Their Effects on Mother and Newborn"

"Midwifery Guidelines Response" (Dr. John Stevenson)

"Midwifery is not the Practice of Medicine"(1993)

"Misoprostol (Cytotec) for Labor Induction: A Cautionary Tale"

"No Gain Without Pain!"

"Oral Aversion in the Breastfed Neonate"

"Pacifiers: Yes or No?"

"Pain in Labour: Your Hormones are Your Helpers"

"The Pain of Labour"

Problems and Hazards of Induction & C-section

"Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism"

"Reinstating Women's Time in Childbirth"

Revealing the Real Risks: Obstetrical Interventions and Maternal Mortality

"Sleep Training: Not for Breastfeeding Mothers"

"The Safety of Home Birth: The Farm Study"

"Separated at Birth" (Circumcision and sexual satisfaction)

Similarities between infant male circumcision and FGM

"The Technocratic Body: American Childbirth as Cultural Expression"

"The Technocratic, Humanistic, and Holistic Paradigms of Childbirth"

"Technology in Birth: First Do No Harm"

"The Third Stage of Labour"

"Three Surprise Breeches"

"Treating Group B Strep: Are Antibiotics Necessary?"

"Trusting Birth Even More"

"Ultrasound in Obstetrics: A Question of Safety"

"Ultrasound: More Harm than Good?"

"Ultrasound Scans--Cause for Concern"

"Ultrasound: Weighing the Propaganda Against the Facts"

"Unveiling Ritual Mutilation"

"The Use of Male Circumcision to Prevent HIV Infection"

"Using Homeopathy in Pregnancy"

"Vaccination Statistics"

"We Can Improve Primal Health"

"What Every Midwife Should Know About ACOG and VBAC"

"What is Elimination Communication?"

"When a Bad Birth Haunts You"

"When Research is Flawed: Critiques of Influential Research Studies"

"Why Midwifery?"

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More articles: Birth Intervention

Articles from Ina May Gaskin

Articles by Sheila Kitzinger

Birth PTSD articles

The effort to separate the physical experience of childbirth from the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of this event has served to disempower and violate women.

~ Mary Rucklos Hampton ~

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